April 8-th, Windows XP Support Ending

Date: November 25, 2013 Author: Vlad Zhitnikov Categories: News

April 8th, 2014. This is a date that is well noted by the internet and computer world at large, as it marks the end the longest lasting computer software in history. Windows XP came out in 2001, and has stayed strong though windows Vista, Windows 7 and Even Windows 8. But this computer operating system is going to finally come to an end next year. The date for this software’s “death” has been postponed more than once, but this time, Microsoft isn’t budging. Along with Office 2003, On April 8th, 2014; Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft and updates will no longer be made.

To a company that has relied on this monster of computer software, this is something that needs to be paid attention to immediately. Most companies take 18-24 months to fully upgrade software, especially if that company is big, this means that you run the risk of unprotected data that is easy to hack into and corrupt. So even with getting new software and computers, you’re not instantly guaranteed total safety against hackers and malware. You’ll need something that could keep all your files safe and easily accessible at any time, you’ll need a cloud network.

That’s where Cloud IT! comes in handy. Thanks to our network and cloud system, you can put all your Microsoft word 2003 and Windows XP files and systems somewhere safe while your company undergoes the transfer to an upgraded running system. The Cloud IT! system allows you and your company to access crucial files from anywhere in the world and on any device that has an internet connection; including your smartphone.

The Cloud IT! network gives you a few more options as well:

-Expand your Company easily. It’s much easier to transfer important files elsewhere when you’re on the network. Files can be uploaded from any device and seen on any device. Even if the software the data is written on isn’t available on another system.

-Increase productivity. Because your files are easier to access, you can bring up important information to a client almost instantly. This increases productivity and revenue considerably as daily tasks and jobs become easily accessible and exchangeable.

-Better safety. Malware is responsible for over a third of network crashes and hacks to a company’s network. When you’re on the network, you have a secondary backup that’s not accessible to anyone but your company. This reduces the possibility of file loss considerably.

So if your company is going to be affected directly by the Windows XP and office 2003 death on April 8th, 2014, signing on with Cloud IT! is a great way to keep all of your files safe and easily accessible whilst you update your company’s software. Once on the network, you’ll see just how quick and easy it is to keep your company going and how much more efficient you can become