byodWelcome to the 21st Century with Bring Your Own Device! BYOD allows you to select any device of your own liking and configure it specifically to your business needs. The devices selected can be any sort of laptops, smart phones, or tablets. This service allows you to run your business from anywhere! Accessing your files, data, folders and any other business related materials from wherever you are is possible with BYOD. You no longer have to lose any of your precious hair when you suddenly realize that you have forgotten to perform a certain task and now the fate of the world is at stake!

To be more precise, BYOD is a perfect tool for hard working business individuals who are constantly on a move. In today’s overly hectic business world, time management is everything. Moving from a meeting to a meeting can often be time consuming and stressful. Multi-tasking is an important skill to have for anyone who wishes to operate a successful business. Success of a business is often determined on an ability to save time and use it in a most efficient manner. In order to avoid wasting any unnecessary time and to be able to multi-task more efficiently, more businesses begin to rely on BYOD. Being constantly connected to the business’ files and being able to access important data at any given time and location can contribute to an improved data management, and ultimately, improved business operations. BYOD in conjunction with Virtual desktop and Application Delivery ensures that this is easily achievable and helps any individual who wishes to gain business competitive advantage.

One of the important issues that must to be addressed with BYOD is security. Our professional staff members make sure that each type of personal device that is used in an organization is highly secured. Your chosen devices can be configured with passwords, protected from specific and unwanted applications, and ensured that all of the required data on the device is encrypted and secured. Other BYOD security policy initiatives may include limiting activities that employees may perform on the devices at work (for example, making sure that email usage is limited to company’s email accounts only), as well as performing regular device audits to ensure employees’ compliance with the company’s security policy.

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication to the design and implementation of our IT systems. Finding a solution to our complicated requirements as a difficult task ..."

- HomeLife Victory Realty Inc., Brokerage

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the seamless implementation of out new ChipPC units. This solution to our hardware upgrade within out organization not only was a cost saving but we feel we received a device that is not less efficient than a regular desktop PC ..."

- Acme Dent Corporation

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