Cloud Computing

cloud computingCloud allows people, companies and even organizations to access computing services remotely instead of having their own IT infrastructure. There are huge benefits that come with cloud IT: including cost cutting whether capital or running costs of such computing hardware, flexibility where one can work from any location, scalability where one can use more or less services depending on need and easy collaboration among others.

Welcome Back to the Future!

The early computers (main frames) were pretty huge, and one had to use multiple interfaces to connect to them. It was only later than PCs were developed, and these are simply small machines that have separate interfaces. Cloud computing is in a way taking us to the past where instead of using personal computers, we can now access huge servers remotely using some simple workstations.

Among the industries that benefit from cloud computing technologies are:

Manufacturing industries: by opting for cloud based solutions, the manufacturing industry will not only save on budget that they would have used to install and run local data centers but will also be guaranteed for quality and up-to-date services. Cloud IT will help offer solutions like easy & efficient exchange of large files, production information and establishing connections between branches and departments.

Private and adult education: in modern colleges and universities, students can attend classes remotely instead of having to be physically present, and this comes with a lot of convenience. Such cloud applications have led to improved collaboration as a way of knowledge sharing. Cloud computing has also provided access to modern technologies where resource sharing has made these affordable to most institutions.

Legal industry: lawyers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring their clients’ data confidentiality as well as ensuring the security of such files. By using cloud IT for office functioning legal information will be highly secured and law offices can make use of applications billing time management, document management, project management, data storage, electronic discovery and back-up software.

Health industry: there is huge fragmentation of players in the health industry like insurance companies, physicians, hospitals and labs among others. Video capabilities have today allowed even remove a provision of sensitive services like surgery. Cloud computing can help to unify all these players for efficient running and management of the heath sector.

Other industries that have benefited from cloud-based solutions include the real estates, distribution, travel and hospitality among others.

Converting to Cloud

Converting to the cloud is pretty easy and fast, but one needs to analyze the cost of integration with current systems and processes. To calculate costs, benefits and conversion process flow contact CIT Corp experts and get free consultation and assistance.  

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