Office Jump For Non-Profits

The right technology reduces stress and lets you go home on time

Office Jump For Not-For-Profits

Nonprofits face unique resource and technology challenges:

  • Limited budgets mean staff suffer from excessive downtime because of old & unstable technology
  • Big bills due to constant IT repairs eat into the operating budget and aren’t fully understood at the board level
  • High employee and volunteer turnover means constantly having to spend time/money on IT training

Why Office Jump helps

  • Less downtime. We deal with issues the same day and it costs you less money because support is included in
    monthly subscription costs
  • You only pay for what you use from month to month. If you need ten workstations in April but only 5 in May, no
    problem. This is perfect for seasonal operations or those times of year when you need lots of volunteers.

Why boards love Office Jump

What our clients are saying...

"We would like to thank you for the support and guidance provided pre, during and after implementation of our new server / networking infrastructure. The attention to detail was impressive as well as service was professional and timely ... "

- Fidelity Electronics Inc

With your help it makes us more efficient and we can do more of this type of good work around the world ... and I feel like you guys are part of our ‘team’ now.

 - Ve'Ahavta

How CIT adds value

Our monthly subscriptions include same day support and training

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