Office Jump For Schools

Reliable technology means happier teachers and successful students

Office Jump For Schools

Independent vocational schools face unique technology challenges:

  • They must teach using the latest software versions so their students are fully prepared & employable, but this is expensive
  • Their students and faculty want remote access but security is an issue
  • Stable technology is part of ensuring a positive learning experience and future student referrals, but is hard to guarantee with aging equipment

Why Office Jump helps

  • Better collaboration options mean students and faculty can easily share information
  • Secure remote access means students and teachers can safely work on assignments from anywhere and opens up remote educational opportunities to schools
  • Private cloud services mean your school’s data is safe no matter what
  • Thin client solutions make it easy to manage lots of workstations without over-spending
  • All workstations by default work on the latest versions of your favourite software, unless you request otherwise

Why CFOs love Office Jump

What our clients are saying...

"We would like to thank you for the support and guidance provided pre, during and after implementation of our new server / networking infrastructure. The attention to detail was impressive as well as service was professional and timely ... "

- Fidelity Electronics Inc

With your help it makes us more efficient and we can do more of this type of good work around the world ... and I feel like you guys are part of our ‘team’ now.

 - Ve'Ahavta

How CIT adds value

Software issues? We can configure each workstation separately so each employee can choose which software version they work best in

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