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Online Backup & Cloud BackupOnline backup product that we offer provides both online and local backup technology in one integrated package! This is the first solution to enable customers to backup any data, to any destination, at any time. We call this product – “Universal” backup. It gives enormous power to Small Business users as it enables them to exercise a vast variety of options, such as backup of their entire computer to an external USB hard drive weekly, back up of their “My Documents” to a network sever nightly, and even allows them to back up any sort of important document to the internet on a continuous basis, regardless of how many time the changes occur in the document.

Unlike most platforms in the online backup space, our Universal Backup client software solution includes support for continuous data protections of your key files. This is essential in today’s modern business worlds as security threats are ever present. Known as LiveProtect, this security system monitors activity on the selected files. When LiveProtect detects any modifications or changes entered into the key files, it automatically backups the data to our Canadian Data Centers to ensure the safety of the files. Another important feature of LiveProtect is that your files are yours only and LiveProtect ensures that it stays this way!

Our Universal Backup also does not use system resources, except during backups and restores, which makes it fast and efficient. The system can also provide end users with file and folder sharing; including an option to share the files with persons who do not have your company’s or partner accounts. In addition to all of this greatness, our Universal Backup is inherently designed for use on multiple computers (although the system can limit backups to one or any specified number of computers of your choice). What this means in practice is that a customer only needs to purchase a backup account of an appropriate size and isn’t restricted by the number of computers they can back up from. This results in what is called “portability”, which allows backing up data from Machine A and immediately recovering the needed data on Machine B and C. Users can expect that backup systems will allow restores to any computer they own. End users can also expect to be able to back up files from their desktops and notebooks to one centralized backup account.

To sprinkle some more sweetness to the never ending list of yummy features that our Universal Backup offers, we would like to mention the “Unlimited Versioning”. In essence, our system provides fully versioned backup, which means that it retains every version of every file that you have selected to back up. No matter how many revised or modified versions of the file are backed up, you can always roll up to any previously saved version of the file at your convenience. The system also retains any files that a customer accidentally deletes off the client system. Universal Backup supports “archiving” to ensure that no files are accidentally deleted and recovery is always available. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s what you need for your business!

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