We handle threats and vulnerabilities, as well as providing awareness trainings
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We Undertake to Protect Your Business, Your Personnel, and Your Clients

We have the 15 years' experience to develop a comprehensive IT security strategy for your organization

Security is more vital to your business than ever before. As threats evolve and vary, our protection must escalate. At the present time security have to be responsive and deeply integrated. It must ensure an integrated perspective on threats to prevent attacks and escape their worst consequences. Cloud IT! has partnered with leading IT security vendors including Datto, Sophos, Acronis and more to provide cutting-edge integrated security technologies. Consequently, you will be able adjust your risk profile to the budget on security.

How can we help you?

Email Security

Our secure email solutions work in the cloud to block over 99% of spam, viruses, malware, worms, phishing scams, ransomware, spyware and fraudulent emails outside your network.

Spam Protection

This solution designed to keep your spam at an total minimum, so your staff can stop wasting time and better run their inbox.

Network Security

Use the best combination of software and hardware deterrents to shield against arising threats.

Cloud Security

To be protected in the cloud, businesses need security defenses from the traditional “moat-and-castle” approach to a modern security strategy that protects the organization from today’s sophisticated cyberthreats.

Security training

Increase security awareness among staff and meet compliance regulations. Our online training program reinforces proper end-user behavior through simulated phishing attacks, measuring users’ compliance and reporting thereof.

EndPoint Protection

Protect devices, accessing the corporate network and sensitive resources, by using cloud-based solution based on artificial intelligence, continuously tracking each endpoint’s threat.

For more information on Managed Cybersecurity Protection, consult with a Cloud IT! Solution Engineer