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We provide a simple, easy, and ultra-reliable solution for connecting unattended equipment to the internet via cellular. We provide everything you need to simply plug in your device and know you have the #1 trusted partner in fully-managed connectivity taking care of everything else.

Exceptional Wireless Network Installation Services for Offices and Business Centers in Toronto

Every business depend on a strong WiFi system. However, it is rather problematic to obtain strong and secure WiFi. We stand ready to analyze your WiFi issues and provide you with the immediate technical information, support and network equipment needed to tackle any wireless issue.

In addition to all of the above, we sell equipment suited to the following markets:

  • ⇒ Office units and buildings
  • ⇒ Warehouses
  • ⇒ Healthcare Facilities
  • ⇒ Hotels and motels
  • ⇒ Retail centers and malls

Our Attitude to Process Is What Differentiate Us from Others

We propose network installation services in Toronto, GTA, Niagara Falls and other major cities. All of our wireless network installation services include:

  • A full site survey to define locations for wireless access point installation
  • Examination of suitable generation capacity and accessibility
  • Adapting of all security and safety requirements
  • Setting of structural cable system and wireless access points
  • Connecting the new WiFi system with existing IP network infrastructure


Increased Mobility

Experience a cable-less environment where devices are able to roam around and maintain a strong connection to the Internet.

Higher Coverage Range

We customize each configuration to meet the unique needs of your environment. Your WiFi network will reach every inch of your office, house, warehouse, building, or public area.

Easier to Use

We can train you on how to configure your wireless network. Still have questions? We are happy to provide support whenever you need help.

Flexible and Speedy Installation

Our team can install around your needs, working nights and weekends, without incurring additional overtime costs. Our installation process is tested and true. We do all of our planning during our initial walk-through. By the time we come on-site, we are fully prepared and finish all of our installations within our estimated timeframes.

More Scalability

Easily add more access points or equipment to your network as needed. Flexible licensing packages promote organic growth and simplify integration.

Low Cost of Ownership

State-of-the-art access points won’t require upgrades for 10 years and equipment comes with lifetime warranties. In the rare event that equipment does malfunction, we will ship you a replacement model immediately and quickly arrange an installation.

We run into the circumstances all the time, when companies may already have an IT team and their WiFi solution is not living up to standards. It’s no big deal. We’re here to provide a WiFi solution that works, not trying to replace your IT team.

Common IT training does not cover wireless networking in full detail, so many IT employees just are not aware how to accurately configure a wireless network. Our engineers are experts at WiFi and are efficient in all aspects of network design, implementation and deployment, working quickly, effectively and within your budget.

For more information on Network Installation, consult with a Cloud IT! Network Engineer