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Managed IT Services For Non-Profits

Securing managed IT services has become crucial for non-profit organization, as they use more digital technologies into daily operations. Non-profits and associations often operate on a strict budget, thus spending money on technology can be a challenge for them. However, data security is essential for attracting donors, sponsors, and volunteers. A solution for this is to work with a managed service provider (MSP) such as Cloud IT!. Nonprofits can leverage our experienced IT team without having to pay for the costs that internal IT teams would require.

Why Do Hackers Target Nonprofits?

If nonprofits believe that hackers will not do significant damage or, even worse, suppose that cybercriminals won’t target them, they may face a surprise.

Nonprofits invite attention mostly for their financial data. Donation or fundraising portals that lack appropriate security are a prime source for sensitive bank and credit card information. 

Additionally, nonprofits hold plenty of critical client information as Social Security numbers or health records. This provides another stimulus to attack their systems, as such data can be used for fraud, blackmail, or other related crimes.

On top of that, even if hackers get less-valuable information such as emails, they could bombard their victims with advertising, phishing attempts and other kinds of unwanted emails.

Nonprofits Commonly Lack Strong Cybersecurity

Nonprofits frequently can’t appropriately estimate the costs of breaches. If their websites get taken offline by reason of cyberattack, they couldn’t be found in Google searches, and individuals may hesitate to donate money after hearing about Vulnerabilities.

Nonprofit organizations may also get into a difficult situation making a decision to give into hackers’ demands to get their files back in the case of a ransomware attack. If they decide to pay money in the hope that data will be received back, the costs likely cause financial burdens. Failing this, they may lose time and productivity by restoring lost files.

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