Work from anywhere


Meet your organization's demand for new requirements

A robust suite of apps and features

Any device

PBX software turns any cell phone, laptop, tablet or PC into a VoIP client employees can use from anywhere, anytime

Business caller - ID

Even calls forwarded from a desk phone are identified on individual devices. These calls remain separate from employees’ private numbers.

Business hours

Define office hours when employees can receive calls on their cell phones. No early-morning or late-night calls. Calls outside office hours can go straight to voicemail.

Data ownership

With the PBX software, your company data remains on your server, not on your employees’ devices. Data such as call records, text messages and address book entries aren’t stored in client devices. If an employee leaves the company, the data stays with your organization.

How the One-Man Enterprise can show the world He is BIG

When you’re unable to answer the call, you can direct calls to another person or get voicemails emailed to you.

You could be a sole proprietor but set up your auto attendant to sound like you are a company with multiple departments.

If your business relies on a secretary to handle phone calls and take messages, the auto attendant feature lets you repurpose that role at no additional cost.

A Phone Number is completely portable. You can use the same number wherever you go, even if travel a lot. In the event, your business changes address, you can retain your Phone Number.

For more information on Implementation the Digital Phone System, consult with a Cloud IT! Solution Engener