Why Your Law Firm Needs IT Managed Services Urgently

Digital transformation has changed the way many industries conduct business in the last few years. However, the legal industry has transformed at a slower pace than most. As law firms take stock in the aftermath of COVID-19, there is an opportunity to rethink the law firm operating model for the next decade and beyond. There has been a leap in client expectations brought about by alternative legal service providers and the digital transformation of client businesses in general. For law firms, digital transformation should no longer be viewed as an indulgence, but rather as an urgent necessity.

But digital transformation is also opening the legal practice to greater risk of cyberattacks. Law firms have recently become prime targets for cybercriminals seeking to steal, expose, sell, or otherwise extort confidential information. Both the digitization of law firms’ sensitive documents and the increase in means available to perpetrate an online crime exacerbate these risks. As a response, many law firms should be proactively adopting (if they haven’t already been adopting) cybersecurity technology to protect their clients’ data and the firm’s integrity and reputation

The failure of your law firm to properly safeguard client data could lead to lawsuits, loss of future clients, fines and penalties, and significant reputational harm.

How Law Firms Benefit from Managed IT Services

1) You can decrease costs without compromising quality when it comes to transforming your firm with new business models through technology, and offering your clients better experiences.

By outsourcing your technology needs to a trusted advisor, not only will you be able to spend more time doing what you enjoy, but also to achieve greater technology capabilities. We specialize in legal practice digital transformation and give you access to high-quality resources when you need them without making any substantial investments. This allows you to have more time to invest in developing your firm and practice, which contributes to higher productivity and an improved client experience.

2) The future of client services is a result of digital transformation and a secure technology environment.

As law firm practices evolve, it’s hard to deny that an enhanced client experience has become more accessible and efficient. But because cybercrime against the legal industry has increased dramatically over recent years, a secure posture and optimal cybersecurity strategy are essential.

Wherever you may see opportunities to leverage technology to achieve greater client engagement or enhance your firm’s internal operations, partnering with us can make it happen quickly and with minimum impact on your budget. This can include every aspect of the legal experience, such as service delivery, workflow, processes, team collaboration, and client engagement.

3) How would a security breach affect your business? How about your staff’s morale? What about your client relationships?

Embracing a legal tech strategy can be a daunting task. Even firms that comply with all necessary data security compliance requirements and have the best tools to monitor for suspicious activity can be challenged in recognizing and acting on security issues before they become full-blown attacks. By entrusting us as your IT advisor and partner, we are your technology ally and help you deliver the optimal personalized experience to clients, while also safeguarding their privacy and data.

As business systems become more interconnected, more vulnerabilities emerge as well. Therefore, your firm’s data, including your clients’ data, is at serious risk wherever it lives (e.g., mobile devices, laptops, and servers). That’s why our essential cyber services offer unparalleled protection that defends your endpoints, systems, and applications from threats.

4) Because cybercrime attacks have increased dramatically over the years, employing sound data loss prevention practices ensures safe handling of data, while also providing a flexible environment required by your staff.

We can provide an end-to-end managed service that will enforce behavior-centric policies to minimize data breaches, deliver continuous monitoring of clients’ data assets, and secure regulated data. Our solution is constantly being updated according to new data loss prevention trends.

5) Every business in the legal industry needs a business continuity plan (BCP). An effective BCP keeps your practice running during a crisis or emergency.

No one could have predicted that COVID-19 would wreak havoc to such a degree, but the businesses that had a business continuity plan in place may have been in a better position to handle its repercussions head-on. We help you build out a plan that outlines how you can cope with disruption to your file archives, network, and communications.

6) When it comes to warding off hackers, you’ve likely heard of encryption, firewalls, spyware, and the power of a strong password.

Cybersecurity refers to the state of being protected against criminal or unauthorized use of any data or information traveling through a cyber outlet — including, but not limited to: physical electronic devices, email, the cloud, the internet, and shared drives and networks. While these security measures certainly comprise one wall of defense, they cannot offer comprehensive protection.

Ever-evolving digital technology also opens your practice to greater risk of cyberattacks. Without a modern cybersecurity and compliance regimen that’s aligned to your digital priorities, you risk increased exposure to new and evolving threats. Our cybersecurity and data protection services are comprehensive, looking at the full scope of what’s required when it comes to delivering a thorough and appropriate approach to cyber protection today.

Why Your Law Firm Needs Cloud IT! Managed Services Now

Our managed services can help you understand not only your technology needs, but can proactively protect your firm’s and clients’ data privacy and your practice with the most modern and secure cybersecurity solutions. We offer a protection plan that is customized to your firm’s needs, which may include backup, antivirus, website protection, vulnerability detection, keeping systems up to date, and real-time protection for important files.

Wait no more!

Contact Cloud IT! to learn more about Managed IT Services for law firms. Cloud IT! is a Toronto-based strategic Managed IT Service provider with a history of helping law firms. We have become a trusted partner for legal organizations in various Ontario locations, including Toronto and GTA among others.

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